Our Bikes

You ride, We care!
All your safety equipment is provided for your Motorcycle Tour in Vietnam.

Nothing is more fun to feel safe while riding a 250cc motorbike in the dirt trails of Vietnam. Our motorcycle team based at Hanoi and offering all guided Vietnam Motorbike Tours Hanoi, we will not let you start a tour with poor condition bikes.

Vietnam Motorcycle Ride owns the largest motorbike fleet of any Motorcycle Touring Organizer in Vietnam. We shy away from using Rental Motorbikes in Hanoi because of their dubious reliability.

We must say more than 90% of a Successful Motorbike Tours In Vietnam is related to the our Motorcycles.
Waiting for you at our bike store in town and well maintained by our experienced mechanic team, let’s talk about our Honda CRF-250 L

Honda has been, on-and-off, making 250cc four-stroke singles for over 40 years. The latest bike to fill that niche, the Honda CRF250L, features technology never before seen on a Honda dual sport bike, including fuel injection in the Moto3-derived powerplant.
Just looking at the Honda you can see how noticeably low and wide the seat is compared to a typical dirt bike seat. While good for newbies and shorter folk, it makes the CRF’s ergos far from a normal dirt bike. But, the soft butt cushion is comfy and greatly appreciated on long commutes or multi-day camping trips. The speedo has a fuel gauge, which is especially helpful on far-from-home expeditions.

Welcome to our garage!

That makes the difference, a fleet of CFR-L250 and XR brand new!
Our motorcycles are a part of our family, a team of experienced mechanic from Offroad Indochina is dedicated to them.

Same as our motocross motorcycles, all our enduro dirt bikes are stored to our garage. Supplied by HONDA Thailand for the motorcycle & the spare parts, we always provide motorbikes in excellent condition. Prepared by a team of passionate riders for your unforgettable Motorbike Adventure Tours Vietnam.

Honda CRF L 250cc – Model late 2014


Honda XR 125 CC – Model 2014